07/03/2012 - Eastside short-listed for British Car Parking Awards

AWARD WINNING contractor Thomas Vale has been short-listed for the British Car Parking Awards for the ‘Eastside’ Millennium Point Multi Storey Car Park.

The British Car Parking Awards 2012, hosted annually will be held on 09 March 2012 at Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, London, which will see companies from all over the UK attending, along with famous comedian Alexander Armstrong who has confirmed to host the awards.

Short-listed this year for the British Car parking awards is a significant achievement, but also demonstrates the strength and drive of the company, and the ability to create outstanding projects time and time again.

Millennium Point Multi Storey Car park is the project that has been short-listed for the prestigious award Innovative use of materials, colour and lighting, and the clever device of varying the orientation of standard cladding panels gives the building a richness of detail and pattern with a strong day and night presence.

Strategically, the Millennium Point Multi Storey Car Park is very important to the renaissance of Birmingham and is seen as the next chapter in its success story. At the heart of the plan to support the post recession growth of ‘Digital Birmingham’ and provide an opportunity to create a large scale ‘campus’ suitable for the transfer from London of large scale government functions, the ambitious initiative will bring about the sustained regeneration of the city centre, based around the core principles of heritage, learning and technology.

The Millennium MSCP is part of ‘Birmingham’s Big City Plan’ regeneration scheme, adjacent to Birmingham’s Millennium Point and illustrates another aspect of design innovation which can be achieved

Tony Hyde, Managing Director, Thomas Vale Construction commented: “The British Car Parking Awards are a brilliant way to recognise the performance of the business alongside all those who work hard to ensure that the project is completed to the highest standard, as to be short-listed makes the hard work that more worthwhile. Thank you to everyone for their hard work and commitment to Thomas Vale and for helping the business to achieve what it has.”