06/03/2012 - Top of the Class for Tesco

Thomas Vale Retail Division, headed up by Divisional Director Paul McCormick, are celebrating after being awarded the top slot by Tesco Stores Ltd after the division and its team members have continued to deliver above and beyond expected requirements by Tesco’s commercial and programme management teams.

In the embryonic phases of the Tesco Refresh Programme, the division has delivered 20 new stores, with tight delivery timescales in order to ensure maximised commercial performance for the blue-chip company’s client base. Projects, which typically range from £200k up to £2million, are fast-track programmes with an average turn-around of 6 weeks.

The Retail Teams work 24/7 all across the country and the projects are highly complex, in that all stores must remain fully operational throughout the duration.

The Tesco Values Award, which was presented by Andy Finch, Property Development Manager at Tesco Stores Ltd, was to recognise outstanding and consistent quality, delivery, flexibility and approach; noting that Thomas Vale finished ‘top of the class’ with an average of 8.9 out of 10.

Tony Hyde, Group Managing Director added: “This is the second award that the division has received for going above and beyond the expected requirements. The early phases of a blue-chip relationship are critical in delivering an exceptional standard of workmanship and dedication; and the retail division has exceeded even my own aspirations.

“I would like to personally congratulate all retail team members for their exceptional hard work – including those who have worked long night shifts away from their families, worked with stakeholders everyday and kept smiling, and those who have travelled in the severe winter weather; in order to ensure that they have placed the business and its operations at the top of its game. What you have done to date is highly commendable - keep up the fantastic work."