27/07/2012 - Negotiated contract awarded by Coventry University

City and Interiors and have been awarded a negotiated contract by Coventry University following the successful delivery of the Student Priory Building back in April 2012.

The £1.1 million project will involve the refurbishment of the Jaguar Building which is currently being used as an engineering building, when it opens it’s doors in September 2012 the building will have been transformed into a post graduate centre.
The scheme will be delivered over an 8 week period in order for the building to open ready for fresher’s week
Coventry is an evolving and innovative university with a growing reputation for excellence in education.
The University’s campus provides the learning environment in which students from all backgrounds can achieve their ambitions whether they are studying for a first degree or developing their knowledge and skills later in their careers.
The estate is also the physical interface for the universitys research and consultancy work with business and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. It must support those partnerships effectively so that the University can make its proper contribution to economic productivity and service effectiveness in the city, region and country.