16/12/2011 - Thomas Vale Directors raise over £1700 in Charity event!

A fundraising event that took place on Friday 30th September saw Directors of the Midlands principal contractor Thomas Vale Construction, “arrested” and locked up in Bewdley Museum Jail, in order to raise money for local charity KEMP Hospice.

Tony Hyde, Group Managing Director at Thomas Vale, along with Group Construction Director, Gary Mail and Best Practice Director, Bill Munn, were locked away with minimal rations, prison attire and just a mobile phone which they used to contact friends and colleagues on the outside world to raise bail money they needed to be released.

The event was organised by KEMP Hospice, a charity based in the heart of Kidderminster who serve patients and families, providing a major support system and palliative care free of charge, adding to the quality of life of their patients and carers.

Ray Brookes, one of the 5 Directors of the Community Housing Group, helped to bail Tony out of jail by kindly donating £250.

The charity provides care and support through their Day Hospice, ran by a team of dedicated employees and volunteers, together with the invaluable fundraising efforts of the local community. The Hospice also provides exceptional support via vital links within the community, hospitals, palliative consultants and Macmillan nurses. Services and support provided ranges from symptom control and relaxation classes through to clinical care and occupational therapy. The Hospice aims to ensure patients receive the best practical and emotional care possible.

Each year approximately seven weeks running costs are funded by the Primary Care Trust, the remaining forty five weeks are funded by the good nature of the local community.

Tony Hyde, Group Managing Director at Thomas Vale Construction commented: “As an ethical business we believe it is important to give back to the communities in which we work. We pride ourselves on supporting local causes and charities like KEMP Hospice as part of our Corporate Social Strategy, and this is an exciting event to be involved in and show our community support.”